Thursday, October 07, 2010

You Again?

Nuffnang Exclusive Screening – You Again


No matter how old you are, you never get over high school. Successful PR pro Marni (KRISTEN BELL) heads home for her older brother’s (JIMMY WOLK) wedding and discovers that he’s marrying her high school arch nemesis (ODETTE YUSTMAN), who’s conveniently forgotten all the rotten things she did so many years ago. Then the bride’s jet-setting aunt (SIGOURNEY WEAVER) bursts in and Marni’s not-so-jet-setting mom (JAMIE LEE CURTIS) comes face to face with her own high school rival. The claws come out and old wounds are opened in this crazy comedy about what happens when you’re reunited with the one person you’d like to forget.


It was long time ago...
I didn't like this girl in my past...
Let's called her 'Miss Anonymous'..
Miss Anonymous kind of person who is..
Make Up Stories,Busy Body, Arrogant,
very the negative thinking person and sacarstic ...

1st situation ( Make up stories)

I have a lot of friends...and few of them my closes friends..
Miss Anonymous try to make up stories at 1 of my close friend..
My close friend,name her as Miss Sharry..
I don't know how Miss Anonymous interpret about me..
Miss Sharry and I really close like we love to share problems, share interest and etc..
Unfortunately, that Miss Anonymous try to get her attention..
And there she(my sharry) goes...
But I'm cool with it cause I have a lot of friends..
However, Miss Anonymous just have few friends..You know why..

2nd situation ( Like she is the only one good person)

She is so sarcastic...
How to live with this kind of person arounds you..
She said a word that annoying u and hurt you..
Like your taste not good, you do not know how to do 'something'..
Then she pretend that she knows everything..
"I'm good in this and that...My stuffs is wonderful...My taste is gorgeous.."
So arrogant..BIG mouth..
Hello Miss Anynomous..For your information, you are even worst..
But people arounds you just keep it to themselves how horrible are you..
Because we don't want 'what comes around turns around' happen..

3rd situation (Busy Body)

She always wanna know in and out side of people..
It is okay when u know for better reason but it does not okay when u add it up and be evil..
I still can remember when she got good marks, she will ask all of the classmates grade..
But when she is not so good, she will keep quiet..
Her intention is to proof that she is intelligence person..
Unfortunately, I manage to get good results...Thank God..

4th situation (Annoying)

She is fake person...
In front of all, she will pretend that she is nice person..
Somehow she is annoying and seek of attention..
Behind your back, she will talk a lot about u..Bad mouth..

5th situation ( Take advatange)

She is also like to take advantage of you for her own good..
This is not a friend but nightmares..
This kind of person is EVIL..
I think she only can be friends with people that have attitude just like her..
She can be too nice and too scary...
Beware of this girl she friends with you because of some reasons..


NARDtheNERD said...

dapat tiket pergi ngan i jom...

mahira oya said...

insyaAllah...wish dpt dl..

nfahk said...

wow.. nak pegi tengok ah citer tu... hihih :)

mahira oya said...


mario said...

lerr...pttla ramai buat n3 ni...nak tiket free rupanya...uhuk uhuk... semoga berjaya...

✿ y.a.n.i.e budak G.E.B.U ✿ said...

jom tgk wayang sama2....

tot tot kecik said...


masuk contest ek..?
k gud luck ye.. :)

mahira oya said...

mario : gitu lah gamaknya...
yanie : mariiii...hehe
tot : thank u very much muah..

thezaila said...

mahu pergi tapi malas mahu tulis.. mcm mana??? kang mak punya cite pajang berjela.. terselak singkap kain, mcm mana.. takoot la mcm ni.. muhahah..

mahira oya said...

hehehe..cemas ye..
xde ape la..
friend begitulah ada yg baik,ade yg x bape..
kite sendiri pon ade baik buruknya..
nobody's perfect..
for general info, mmg wujud org sebegini..


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