Thursday, October 07, 2010

movie review : Eat ,Pray,Love

yesterday I watched movie entitled eat,pray,love...
tgk dgn my sisters...kak long(bunc) & sara(geds)..
1st time tgk kt tgv wangsa walk..
very the 'BIG' screen..mmg satisfied abih la..

this movie adaptasi from the book..
lakonan mantap Julia Roberts..Pretty Woman..
I like this movie..she travelled to Italy,India and Bali..
she was in dilemma and a big mess up..
aftr 8 years married, she just realize that she was unhappy and does not love her husband anymore..

mostly cite camni happen..time dah tua baru realize yg x fall in love each other dah..
OMG..minta simpang perkara ini..

she proposed him to divorce..
then, she met someone that kind of she interested with but 50-50 jugak..
however, she made her decision nk merantau..
mencari kepastian..ketenangan..seeking herself..
actually, she didn't know what she wants..

1st, to Italy...
Country full of love..
sweet sgt when she learn italian language..
terasa nk belajar bahasa italy jugak la..
the best part was she ate a lot...
spaghetti carbonara,pasta,pizza and variety of italian food & cheesyyy...wallah!!
one word 'Muffin Top' enuff to say that..

2nd, to India
country yg semak sepah sesak jugak la..
nevertheless, she went to GURU area..
this place she pray,meditation and some sort of related to it la..
clear her mind..and focus...

Last but not least, to Bali..
she met this man name KETUT..*naseb x kentut*
ketut such a funny person..
ketut tilik naseb Liz..*baru nk bgtau name hero-in*
he knows everything and she believes in him..
tagline ketut 'see u later, alligator'..
'smile on your face, mind and liver...'

better elaboration in translation which is..
'senyum dengan muka, minda dan hati..'
ade la humor here and there..
I just love to laugh a lot..

for me, cite ni pretty awesome..
but for those who yg not into love story..*i mean jiwang jugak*
maybe find that this movie in other way round..
the movie is real life..
1 of the kesan kpd diri sy sendiri ialah...
I will definitely put Italy in my list of places to go someday..
I Love to Travel So Sooooooooooo much..

Review from Oya yg sgt sooka travel..*big grin*


AiDa AzRyN said...

Nampak macam menarik je muvee ni~ nak download la muvee ni 6t~ hehe

mahira oya said...

silakan..mmg menariks sgt

adeeba ali said...

i pon tgk muvie ni gak smlm...ngee...
rase nak travel gak..huu~

mahira oya said...

adeeba : kan...same3...tanam niat nih..

haslina said...

julia robert mmg comfirm best lakonan dia..

lagi2 klu dalam pretty women...
akan ditonton nanti...

~nEeYsA~ said...

evrybdy keep talking bout dis bestt je...
nk tgk jugakk..
lgi2 pasal si ketut tu..haha..
such a funny nme...
love to travel with my love one tooo...hee~

mahira oya said...

mmg best tau...


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