Monday, November 30, 2009

travel to London

this christmas eve will go to London..

When i was small around 1-8 years old..i can't remember..
but the thing is my mum said that the whole family often go to London..
My dad loves to bring us there..

London tu mcm dekat jer jadinya..
There is 1 time that my mum got hockey match there..
but kitorgang kene tinggal..uwek!!nangis giler..crying out loud..

Why we always go to London..
I knew that we were staying at my father's boss house there..
Macam orang kaya laks..
Even we enter to castle..royal famly la konon nih..
maybe because free accomodation..

we ride a bus..double decker..go to wherever we want..

of course the important one is Madam Tusseud..

then the very very much much most interesting is SHOPPING time..(what a shopaholic life huh!)
Oxford street..

Argos..this place u love to see the catalog..a lot of stuffs..

Choc and Candy Shop..


mark and spencer..

In 2006,raya eve time tu..
My mum,sara and me travel to Europe..
touch down in Paris then go to Brussels then amsterdam..
and LONDON...yes!yes!

that time my age I manage to remember that trip..
best gilerrr...cause I love to travel..
shopping la kan if dah kt sana..
souvenir gifts sgt wajib beli..
travel to wherever places..i will give my friends souvenir..
kan..kan..kan...i'm good girl..haha..

apa ek beli kt sane..suddenly forgot what things did i buy..
yang penting..i remember this one..handbag @ harrods..

**mcm wajib beli handbag @ each destinantion I go..hak!hak!

habis sudah imbasan kenangan di London..
tp kan kan kan...
i'm not going sister yang pegi london..
(puas berangan..hahaha)

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