Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the biggest looser ASIA...

the biggest looser asia already started in tv show yesterday..
my famly is one of the biggest fans of that show..instead of amazing race..
our favourtites tv shows...that is for asia..

in malaysia..AF,sehati berdansa,and etc..reality tv shows..
1 famly watch that program in front of tv become judges ourselves..
if that show become more interesting..
siap gegas balik rumah or tak boleh nak miss langsung..aiseymen..
however astro banyak ulangan..lega tetap nk tgk2 live..adei!

story about the biggest looser asia yesterday episode..
interview calon2 ajer dulu..audition gitu..
mostly they had sad story..
usually we can see that among them,there is a person that so funny..
makes people laugh..
the bad habit is certain people laugh at them..NOT GOOD..
they also human being that had feelings ok..

tengok punye tengok...
my friend pon ade nih..membe sekolah rendah..rase she mcm dpt jer..
kene tgk episode seterusnya..tak berani lak nk tnya tibe2..
almaklum a bit lost die mmg klakar abis nih..
kt sekolah tu time darjah 6 rapat ngn die n ade la 2-3 geng lg..

namun begitu (hehe) time pegi A FAMOSA tu..
suddenly ade shooting dilakukan..iaitu the biggest looser buat kt situ..
so nk approve nya..

me 1 of the biggest looser..agk kalo giler..loose weight seh..

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