Saturday, November 21, 2009

stop by @ korea..

my today life starting with...
wake up!! it's morning...and you are not working..lucky me..lega seh..
oh my i'm @ i have to spring cleaning my room..
i like my room..a bit like korean or japanese style..mane2 la..

nak kene kemas nih..
as our planning for this house..different style of rooms..
probably shows like different countries..but just planning..not really done yet..
progress of this new house still 50% kot..cause konon nak wat landscape..
but still don't have one yet..juz be patience..

already clean up it's time to cook..
Nasi Lemak time..yummiess!!!!
tgh tunggu nak sambar nasi lemak jer nih..huhuhu..
mak sempat laks letak timun di mata..adei!

so now i've been searching around KOREAN drama and movie actually..

GOTCHA!!! stop by @ korea website sebenarnya..hehehe..

what drama or movie should i plenty of them..
rambang mata nih..feels like going to watch all of it..banyak tuu..
even there is still on going drama..i'm so gile gile sekarang nih..

for now i choose drama which oppa watch also..
oppa watch korean drama by choosing heroine..lawa ke tak lawa..baru nak tgk..well oya-shi too..kalo bole nak yang hensem jer..hahaha..2 X 8 la kita..
this 1 of our interest yang same..hiks!hiks!
the chosen 1...CREATING DESTINY..

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