Monday, July 30, 2007


Weekend at PD..Fun n unique experience..

Port Dickson - Stayed in Tiara Beach Resort..(it's my treat)..Nice place..Altogether 9 persons(Oya,Baha,Yan,Zaila,Yin,Syud,Ita,Ain n my sista)..After reached that place and enter to the room, we straight away change our clothes to go to the pool..Play games..Main bola..volleyball pn at pool..syok gillerr..Then, at nite we go to karaoke..our mission..Karaoke gile-gile la...Happenin beb..Release tension tu..Satisfied..But, just 1 got rushed la around that area..Lawak gilerr..Other people cuak..we all still singing..Then,looked at the place being rush..Juz left 1 room karaoke it's our rooms..Aftr karaoke,we ate at Jom Makan restaurant..Delicious!!Sleep around 4a.m..Wake up at 9a.m..Time with my family..Swim wit my mom..My sista watch probs cannot swim..Then i checked out..balik lor..letih frens went to baha's hometown..Nice,fun n unique weekend..

Tuesday, July 24, 2007



tomorrow i'm break..wah!!!but now until heart beat fast..scary beb..talkin to myself..crazy this make sense..1st time in this company i take a break..only a day..juz for my intrview..cuak seh..long time didn't go for an intrview..since december..because of this is my latest job so this job is last intrview session i went through..ok..ciao..good luck for me

Monday, July 23, 2007


Tak dapat karaoke..
Ni Gong Chan pn Karaoke...

Sassy Girl

love this piano music..From My Sassy Girl..Best..Try listen..u will love it..

surprise besday..

Sunday 22 July 2007-
Nani's wedding ceremony at Shah Alam.Konvoi..Baha,Syud,Zaila,Yan,Yin,Ita..Najwa n her bestfren..Lots of our friends came to her wedding..Like reunion..This wedding very the bollywood coz resounding bollywood songs..Top bollywood movie songs..such as MOHABBATEIN..How bout the food??Mamak style..Dalca..Delicious..Yummy!!..Plus with hungry..We definitely crazy eating the foods..Pity for the person in charge (like waiter)..Always have to refill foods for our table..Luckily we sit besides door..So easy to them to fill it up..HAHA..hungry ghost la beb..Then we go to the stage(pelamin)..Jeng!!Jeng!!Photography session la..This is the part that all my fren enjoy giler..The best Part..Gambar sana sini..As always kecoh..But that's fren..Happening and Gorgeous..Beautiful..Juz a little praise..hehe..
Ok now after that wedding,we decided to go karaoke..Instead of karaoke n the toilet,we plan for the real karaoke place la..In order to make it happen,we have to change our attire first..coz feel weird karaoke with 'baju kurung'..if that suit we have to sing traditional or classical song..add with tarian inang ke zapin ke..hahahhaha..In that case, they have to send me n yan back to pick up or change our clothes..Then,we go to Baha's apartment..Makeup2 like that la..Most of us are high spirit to sing..Some prepare what song to sing..hihi..excited beb..Unfortunately aftr we ask the karaoke staff,we cancel our program..Ye la for 4 hours rm40..dead beb..crazy..Please la consider the price..Not relevant..Then we just hang out sekfan(mkn2),minum2..While eating..yin n zaila go ATM(they said la)..lame gilerr..few minutes aftr that have surprise for me..besday cake..yummy!!chocolate my fav beb..hehe..delicious!!!great!!thank u to u all..zaila,yin,baha,syud,yan n ita..then we plan go for a picnic..Next episode la..How eh??Confirm??Any problems??
P/S:for baha:Amboi letak gmbr aku bunuh kek eh??
yin :Sbr dl ye psl picnic tu..
zaila:Thanx for the ride..
ita:Jgn lupa tnye tommy tu..
yan:Jgn lupe portfolio k..
syud:Apa eh??LEe dong wook..uppa!!!!!hahhaha

Friday, July 20, 2007

happy birthday!!!

Nice Date.Cun Date.Of course birthday..
Now almost 30person wish to me..thank u to all of u..
love u all..appreciate a lot...if get present lg syok..heheh..
OK la..enjoy myself...hehehhe..let's party!!..hahaha..

Monday, July 16, 2007

today updates

today i'm fasting..smlm i dun even sahur n eat dinner..but i'm still fasting for today 1 REJAB..instead save money...even diet..hehe..last saturday i went to HARRY POTTER..with all my fwenz...majority aysk frenz..bork sakan la..about 3-4 hours..panjang citer ni..well can do sgt..miss all those good old days..sumtimes feel funny when comes story of bad things we have done it before..haha..but now it becomes moment that cannot forget..can we change back time...change to teenagers time..haha..then,sikit2 of my frenz engaged n married..wah dah besar rupenye sume..then have family..i dun even think of that rite now..coz my life still solo..haha..juz think to save money for the future..Like Jane Austen said..'Do not be in a hurry,the right man come at last'..haha..ok..ciao..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


long time didn't update this i'm back..little bit busy with work..
erm..funny story..boss search for staff..hehe..that is was my uncle cari staff for his need my help..anyone out there who studied in interior designer or graphics..juz tell job for u me k..

Thursday, July 05, 2007


kind of good or bad news..not sure..i get letter from government stated interview for mom feel happiest i'm x kisah...rmi gaks dpt..yg 3 pointer n scholar jpa..ok la..good luck to all..i'm not so no chances la..haha..

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


finally i already being permanent staff here..big smile..n get increment..huge smile..i love this job..but my mom keep asking me..when i want to find another job??haha..when i think want to stay in this job..suddenly comes new email from my aunty..there is a job oppurtunity in i'm confuse beb..


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