Monday, July 16, 2007

today updates

today i'm fasting..smlm i dun even sahur n eat dinner..but i'm still fasting for today 1 REJAB..instead save money...even diet..hehe..last saturday i went to HARRY POTTER..with all my fwenz...majority aysk frenz..bork sakan la..about 3-4 hours..panjang citer ni..well can do sgt..miss all those good old days..sumtimes feel funny when comes story of bad things we have done it before..haha..but now it becomes moment that cannot forget..can we change back time...change to teenagers time..haha..then,sikit2 of my frenz engaged n married..wah dah besar rupenye sume..then have family..i dun even think of that rite now..coz my life still solo..haha..juz think to save money for the future..Like Jane Austen said..'Do not be in a hurry,the right man come at last'..haha..ok..ciao..

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