Monday, July 30, 2007


Weekend at PD..Fun n unique experience..

Port Dickson - Stayed in Tiara Beach Resort..(it's my treat)..Nice place..Altogether 9 persons(Oya,Baha,Yan,Zaila,Yin,Syud,Ita,Ain n my sista)..After reached that place and enter to the room, we straight away change our clothes to go to the pool..Play games..Main bola..volleyball pn at pool..syok gillerr..Then, at nite we go to karaoke..our mission..Karaoke gile-gile la...Happenin beb..Release tension tu..Satisfied..But, just 1 got rushed la around that area..Lawak gilerr..Other people cuak..we all still singing..Then,looked at the place being rush..Juz left 1 room karaoke it's our rooms..Aftr karaoke,we ate at Jom Makan restaurant..Delicious!!Sleep around 4a.m..Wake up at 9a.m..Time with my family..Swim wit my mom..My sista watch probs cannot swim..Then i checked out..balik lor..letih frens went to baha's hometown..Nice,fun n unique weekend..


thezaila said...

huhuh.. wat a trip.. babe.. thanx a lot for the stay.. caya la.. bout the rush.. mmg cuak gilerr.. tp act cool je.. konon x bersalah la.. tp mmg kite x bersalah pn kan.. hehhehe.. anyway.. thanx again..

oya said...

hehe..your trip!!haha..


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