Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 4 (3 June 2011) - Full House & Coffee prince place

We went to Incheon..
Took a cab at Incheon Airport..Quite expensive..
Then, we went to the Full House area by ferry..
If you're willing to walk..It takes about 30minutes or an hour..
We preferred not walking & just continue ride with the cab..
We reached the Full House by the sea..
The fee is 5,000won..

Everybody super-duper-excited..
Belum masuk rumah lagi,gambar kat Gate jer 2-8 kali snap..
In front the main door got bicycle..Oh ni, basikal diorang main tu..
Entered the house..
The kitchen..
Living room..

The Han Ji-eun (Song Hye-kyo) room..
Takde apa nak tulih..hanya lah gambar..

After Full House, we went to Sad Love Story House..

Okay, balik..Waiting the ferry came back..amik masa juga la..
Bukak bekalan masing2..roti keluar..

Next stop is Hongdae..
Hongdae is one of the famous place & elite area..
Instead of Apgujeong is also elite area..
Most of kpop artist chill at Apgujeong..
Like Hongdae, many dramas shooting scene there such as Marry Me Marry,Coffee prince, Four season house and etc..

We stopped by at Coffee Prince..
Quite expensive the drinks..But dah plan,so tutup mata jer la ye KA-CHING!
Sanggup la jugak...
At nite..We ate at Turkey Kebab shop..
Tak boleh lupa time cari kedai makan tu..
Kitorang boleh jalan melepasi 2-3 subway station..
Then berpatah balik..Memang kaki sakit kembali..
Suka naw berjalan..haish!!!
Then we 'Shop till us drop' at Dongdaemun..
That day jumpa souvenirs yang affordable..Syok!syok!

Next post - Seoul Garden Park,COEX Mall,Lotte World,Nandaemun,Myeongdong..FASHION STREET!!


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oh myyyyyyyyy... jelesnyeeeeeeeeeee.... T______T

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waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bestnyaaaaaaaaaaa..jeles gile tak hengat ni. anyways happy holiday.chillllll :)

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