Friday, July 23, 2010

Tekken is in the Cinemas!!

Sypnosis from Nuffnang
The critically acclaimed Namco videogame franchise TEKKENTM is set to come to life on the big screen. Rising from the ashes of a crumbled civilization, gladiatorial combat has replaced warfare, and ruthless fighters pit themselves against one another in a bid for global supremacy. In the midst of the greatest tournament ever known, one warrior attempts to fulfill his destiny and become King of the Iron Fist.

Civilization as we know it has been destroyed and in it’s place a dystopian world order has arisen with seven all-powerful corporations controlling the planet. America is under the totalitarian leadership of the mighty Tekken Corporation and it’s CEO Heihachi Mishima (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), who rules absolutely from the capital of Tekken City. Those outside the metropolis’s walls lead a life of fear and despair, fighting for survival as outcasts in a harsh world where resources are scarce. Rising from this poverty is Jin (Jon Foo), who is driven by nothing more than a desire to murder the man who killed his mother (Tamyln Tomita). In order to exact his revenge Jin must defeat the world’s most elite fighters and win the ‘Iron Fist’ Tournament. However this journey will show Jin a past that his mother had tried to hide from him and force him to realize a future that threatens to tear him apart.

I'm so excited....
Well, this game is one of my favourite..
I did play this game when I was baby sit my cousins..(took an advantage ya..hehe)
My lil cousin fell asleep..
So, the other cousin which is her bro (still kiddo) ask me to play with him..
Without any answer i just accept the PS tools..
and I choose Eddy Gordo..I like his moves..
I stick to him forever..hahaha..

Who is this Eddy Gordo??
He's niger,sweet black skin...Brazillian..
The Gordo Family - richest families in blink!!blink!!
Eddy Gordo - naturally a cool looking fighter...
He point out the best looking and adorable Capoeira moves in any fighting game...Awesome!!
Eddy does a Samba and a Boomerang...Cool bebeh!!
When he gets into his groove, the rhythm of fighting and destroy the opponent seems easily because he can distract on his opponent by force of nature..*big grin*

Lateef Crowder play a role as Eddy Gordo...
Let's watch Eddy Godo style...

Tekken also remind me to my lil sis..
She's definitely a fan of Tekken..
I still can remember it was long time ago,when we went to buy cd of pc games..
The first cd that she searched was Tekken..
Then, the saddest thing was that the cd cannot be playing..
I think I wanna buy cd tekken now..
If let say I get those movie tickets..I will bring my lil sis for sure and depends on her availability too..


gooseberries said...

cam besh jek.. tp xde duit g..huhu

mahira oya said...

kan...ade duit nnt leh tgk k..

+akufobia+ said...

eddy movie hodoh.haha.

ieda said...

hehehe mcm2 movie skrg nieh .. akak dah lama x tgk movie di panggung .. sejak ader anak2 nieh .. masa x mengizinkannn :)

nabilah_2908 said...

good luck..moga berjaya mendapat tiket utk cerita ni.. :)

jom ke APA KATA HATI pulak,

Anonymous said...

mcm best je tekken..
nie x leh lepas nie..

mahira oya said...

akufobia : xde la hodoh..ok ape..

ieda : tu la mcm2 cite skang nih..

nabilah : thanks..

arifadela : tu la psl..

Jojoe said...

cam best jer..nanti nak p tengok...hihi


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