Friday, July 24, 2009

surprise birthday party from my beloved Oppa n My friends 20072009

last nite..we plan to see movies @ the Curve..
we meet up @ BORDERS..he search for Harry Potter in Malay edition..
mmg agak buang masa di borders tu..
siap cite hantu bagai kuar..sudah pulak kang mau x tdo 1 mlm..
agk susah nk tdo gak smlm memikirkan si dia..
ceh..continue on..then keluar la dari borders yg x buat pape sgt..
membe x keruan la katekan..
maka oppa bawa jenjalan di tgh2..
tgk kanan tgk kiri..

siap ckp kt oppa nih: "situ la celebrate besday baha.."
then nmpk TGI Fridays..
ckp: kalo ngn my sis rmi2 suke mkn kt sini.."
tibe2 trtgk nmpk kepala mcm kukenali..tapi..di mana ye?
finally he make surprise party for me..thanks oppa..
ade baha n zamel,zaila n bf,lin n naqib..

then sesi menengok menu..order2..
pastu sudah start..TGI fridays people sudah mari..
kene diri atas kusi la pulak..
tgh kecoh2 tu..tmbh lg sorg uncle nih kecohkan lagi keadaan..
he ask me to make a wish but the fridays person suh sing a song..
mane 1 nih..confuse den..then suddenly blank..dunno what song to sing..
speechless jugak..asik ckp thanks jer..mcm dpt AWARDS..huhu

so we all together sing Negaraku..Diri tegak sume..huhu..
aftr that birthday song..n 1 more single from fridays staff la..


then make Wish..then blow..giler jauh..hembus kuat2 la..

then kite makan2..aftr that uncle td yg beria dtg blk..
he pay for all the meals..wah free ma!!happy2 la semuanya..
then giler borak ngn uncle tuh..
kesimpulannya he will be becoming ! of the board director in SHELL..

pastu dlm kul11pm kot balik..sonok plak zamel borak ngn nozery..

Anyway thanks to All..
-that make it happen..
-all my frenz


inilah kan time2 gather kite..have fun sgt2..
miss all of u..our sweet time memories..
dari single ke couple ke engaged ke married ke having baby ke babies ke..
we still can meet rite??


@YanzMnor said...

happy belated birthday oya..
semoga panjang umur,
dimurahkan rezeki
cepat2 kawin
dan dapat anak2 yg comel

- just me - said...

wohooo.. bestnya!! murah rezeki Oya tahun ni :)

mahira oya said...

thanks k.yante n k.ija..

insyaAllah kalo ade rezeki..
doakan tau..

`BaHa` said...

Happy Birthday Oya!!!!


mahira oya said...

thanks bahariah..hehe..

sad said...

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