Monday, July 20, 2009

birthday 20 July 2009

Ahad 19july in advance dpt cupcakes order by kak long..tibe2 surprise from them..
padan la kena masak ayam goreng sgt byk..pada hal duk 2 org jer kt umh..
rupe2nya ade celebration..haha..xde la celeb sgt..makan2..then makan2 jer..
dpt 1 present from kak long baju from island shop..

then real day..byk gak dpt besday wishes from u all..thanks so much..
pastu kt office..pegi makan kt Secret recipe..banje2 besday gtu..
cakes ade 3 slices..NICE!!!


Anonymous said...

HappY Belated Birthday eh Oya... may ur wish come true n enjoy life to the fullest yer...

mahira oya said...

thanks kak fara..


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