Friday, September 30, 2011

Attend wedding at Hotel Flamingo,Ampang

24 Sept 2011,Saturday Night
Just a simple wedding...
I don't really  kenal the perantin..
She married to mat salleh yaw!!hehe..Comel2 mereka..Macam me jer..
She is journalist stayed in Dubai..
Our family definitely close with his father,Dato Muslim & wife..

Represent from my family is me & my mom..
From the big family,2 suku meja kitorang conquered..
Me & my mom went to my Aunty's house first..
Then kitorang just tumpang aunty ,uncle & cousin..
Mak suggested naik merc Atiq..Kelerz!! haha

Nak dijadikan cerita..I put status at my wall fb..Attend wedding at Flamingo..
Tup!tup! My senior also come..Sudah!Is it we are related??
Here we go,her boyfriend sedara with me..And  I x close with him jugak..
But our family close with his parents..Aunty Eton memang ceria punya aunty..
If my mum talked with her,macam2 cerita..

 Layan pics..No pelamin..Makan beradab pun dekat meja bulat macam guest..


Lya Colours said...

very niceeee

oya said...

ok la kan..

nabilah_2908 said...

simple je wedding ni.. ;)

oya said...

a'ah sgt simple..just married yaw


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