Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What About Now...

THis morning as to work..then listen to Fly FM..
I like the topics that they discuss all about..
today 1st topic about 'Insult'...
That's terrible person how could they could insult people..Did not think what..
2nd topic about 'Unconditional Love'...
You must accept him or her..Adapt with each other world..
Yeah I agree..I think I am and I can..

**Surie give this to me**
Boyfriend wanna His Girlfriend to give TRUST and SPACE..
Girlfriend wanna Her Boyfriend to give ATTENTION and care..

Before u wanna know maybe it cause u a fight..This is difficulty stage..

The 2nd topic created because of today anniversary of Taj Mahal..
1st song they open is What About Now from Daughtry..

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