Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Shayna Zaid Buzz Me

Such sweet girl Shayna Zaid..
Althought she now international artiste but she don't forget her friends,best friends etc..I've been to her live performance..Cool..When I met her, she saw me and said Mahira you just look same as you are in primary school..Wah!!she recognize me althought we were not seeing each other about 10 years..
There was 1 time we were close..I remembered she entered tv commercial..
I always sakat her with what she said in that commercial..F&N commercial..
Chit chat with her..She loves to Sing..As all can see now her singing patience until become international artiste..

Yang penting she tak sombong mcm certain artis kat sini..
Shayna tanya khabar ni..Miss her..
Hope she can sing for my wedding..Hehe..Berangan la plak..
Or I fly to New York..Here we go bebeh..

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