Thursday, March 06, 2008

when you need me i'm always there

I'm Always There......
When you want to say where you had just been,
And want to tell what your heart has just seen.

When you want to cry all your heart out, Your exciting news you want to let out.

When you are angry and worried,
In your duties you're totally burried.

When you need someone to lean upon,
And ask for help when others are gone.

When you need someone to confide in,
And complain about your kith and kin.

When you've made a mistake and want to confess,
The reason why your will power becomes less.

When you want to say all about your dreams,
And share all your latest themes.

When you're in search of a listening ear,
And someone who's always near.

When you want someone who shall always care,
Don't forget, Im Always There.......


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