Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Raya eve moment

Long time i didn't update my blog..
felt so messy in my life..
wanna say bz with my career..not at all..
busy with my old friends..
friends in high school..(not high school musical)
later talk about my high school..

Raya Sakan this year..
As usual, 1st raya at my homie..
then, we straight go to Negri 9(my mother's hometown)
That nite jugak, we go back to Johor(my father's hometown)
No duit raya..But I have to give duit raya..
Now, I'm broke..
This year open house @ Pak Joy house ..
Delicios and such makanan diraja..
Lots of crabs..(crabby paddy)..
Then went home..
1 week cuti..
Nothing to do..Just balik seremban..
Settled new house there..
Then planning for makan2 that saturday..

Meriah jugak..
Asrama Friends la came to my house..
Like a small gathering..
Thank you very much..
Highly Appreciated..

For: Anish,Alan+Kwn,Adli,Ana+Kwn,Izza,Faiz,Mie,Alif,Jenal,
Najib,Amin,Akim+Ana,Apai+Awek(Always forgot her name,damn),
Khaty+2 friends(The guy looks just like Jenal..I thought Jenal relative)..

SO much thanx..So cool..

Mereka yg dtg ikut turutan:
Anish n Izza (I've plan wit anish what time to start..Izza was half well..She demam b4..)
Ana n her friend (After anish come, i told ana to come..Bcoz her house quite near to my house)
Adli (I make surprise to the guys by not telling adli come to my house..Bored waiting others..Play piano..)
Mie n Najib ( Wait for so long..sampai2 jer only 2 persons..How come like that?)
Faizan ( COme with his younger brother..So funny..She came same time with my uncle n cousins..My cousins enter
my house same with faiz,then they felt weird why they come together..Hahah)
Alif,Jenal,Amin( Late, fetch amin at putra lrt..Beru balik keje bang..Heh)
Apai + Awek (Suddenly came same time with alif n gang..Right time..But he doesn't told he want to come)
Alan + Friend ( Not much time to talk with)
Akim + Ana ( Pity to them..Stuck at Petrol Station..Hujan lebats..Adli fetch them..
The worst part balik scooter rosak..)
Khaty n friends ( Luckily she came jugak..Besh!!)

It was raining, so our konvoi raya not runs well..
They stayed @ my house..quite long..
After all settled, i have time to borak2 with them..
Bcoz every year they come, so i was not shy person anymore..
First time quite shy2 gurl..Hehe.
Dah biasa..
I have to layan all..Gurls..Guys..Bestnye jumpe korang..

Then we decided to go to sydah house..
Sydah pregnant 7 month..Meletup 1 January 2008..
New year baby..Wahhh..Sydah still the same sydah..
Long time didn't meet her..Instead her wedding day I did not go..
The end of Saturday..

The startin Sunday..
@ Apai open house..
Go with Jenal..(Jenal I'm ok with ur aircond tu..Next time jgn malu2 tumpangkan aku ye)
Then met adli n mie there..
Just makan2 n chatin2..Nothing to do..
We proceed to adli house..
Jenal segan with me bcoz of the aircond so he told me to tumpang mie or adli..
I chose adli bcoz can talk wit him..Later going back will talk with jenal lagi..
Then @ adli house, makan2 n watched tv..
Ada nenek adli jer..His house besides mosque..(Mosque In Diari Ramadhan Rafik)
After that, we go to rozila's house..
See her baby..Muka her husband..
Well, we talk a lot at her house..
Then come akim n gf..Talkin lg..
Lawaks bagai..Have fun..COz of @ my house bz wit prepare things n foods sumer..
Dun have much time like that..
besshhh sgt..

To be continued Raya eve moment...

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