Monday, November 26, 2007

No continued..

Busy with work..So my blog no update as well..
Thinking too much makes u feel bad..Huh!!
Feel bad my stomach..Like want to vomit..Adoi!!Parah parah..
Yesterday i watched OH Lelaki!!Guess what?My kimi appears on that programme..
as a model..Actually i have instinct of that..
First Model shows up looks like kimi a i think if kimi..
Then kimi shows up..Whoa!!!handsomest guy ever..Haha!!...
My lost friend..Just notice him in magazine n tv..Part time Model..
Plus he enter hero remaja..
Remember those old good days in matriks..
Wonderful Moments...Unique situations..Thanx Kimi..
I really try to catch u somewhere..Before u becomes famous..
I don't want to make some kind of complicated way
if i meet u when u r famous coz later u think i want to find u bcoz of u famous..
Stop bout that matter..
I feel boring..So tempered with my mouse click..Adoi..
Famly Day 3 days more to go..Dunno what performance they have planned..
Or no performance..Worst,worst,worst...AAaaaarrrggghhhhhh!!!!

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