Thursday, June 14, 2007


what a mornin...nothing special rite now..i got new gossip frm my sis..hehe..juz infotainment..natasha hudson will marry again...hehe..congrats ye..erm..thinking of this coming gathering...organizer-APAI..nice place..ALANG mum said forest..haha..forest gump..
sumtimes we need to get fresh air..get ketenangan as well..sayangilah hutan anda..means i support la zainal abidin song..hehe..i want to name this gathering as fun with forest..who else i'm gonna meet ha..besides shima,khaty,maz.dunno la coz other girls manage to tell apai by themselves..saturday n sunday my schedule fully book.haha..nite we gonna have BBQ..interesting part..woah!!!pagi2 lg dh pikir mcm2..x pikir sgt la saje je i want to start my work..testing timetable module..then kene betulkan la if ada errors..jgn ada la senang sikit keje..hehe..ok2..cmon oya..caiyok caiyok..gambate..oya san kawaiyi..

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