Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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fuh...juz today i updated my blog too all the x berape nk ade keje so i juz looking for song that i like..hehe..yesterday go to school..discussing with Mr Arif bout the discipline module for my online system..i think i can be a teacher especially discipline teacher coz i know how the process..hehe..but ok ke jd murid-murid ye..remember time dulu ade cikgu yg ckp suka word 'ya'..every finish words she put 'ya'..mcm noktah je tu..sumtimes we make jokes bout that..sorry ye cikgu..hehe..ape lg ye nk citer..smlm i tgk korean movie separuh jer la..coz got 16 episode..giler la dvd entitled sad love story..episode one i've already cry..haha...mmg very sad..then i change movie to my lovely samsoon(comedy) la sad story tgk lewat mlm la kn..then watch my lovely samsoon 2 mom pn trtgk n suka gaks..influence la tuh..hehe..but tu jer la...x bole tgk abis..x tdo la plaks nnti..hehe..i want to update this blog with best songs n nice poem n celoteh as well..if i have more time..little bit bout movies i watch n my japan n korean collection n my books collection..last but not least few part of my life n experiences..lots more..thanks for the memories...

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