Friday, February 12, 2010

MOVIES marathon lagi..........

semalam time tgh layan fokus buat keje..
buzz!!!!encik oppa menjelma di skrin..
tanya la pasal hal tu..

then ajak tengok wayang..
kite tgk 'percy jackson and the lighning thieves'..
cite tu rate bg mcm ok ok jer la..
actually..pelakon tak best..
mcm x smngt jer tgk cite ni..even heroin x best & x bape nk cantek..
jalan cite pon ala kadar gitu...
entah supposed bole jadi best ke kan...but mcm dull a bit la..

x cukup 1 movie..
layan 'valentine's day'..yg pelakon agk ramai yg gempaks hokkay..
cite td pelakon biase jer..yg ni mmg la sgt ramai yang cantekk n hensemnya..
bg la sikit kt cite td..muahahahaha..

well well well..not bad..pasal lovey dovey gituan..
but you know bile terlampau ramai pelakon..
cite jadi mcm2..bole la layan..taktau nk kata..
pape pon i love those flowers..beautiful!!!
ade lawak2 gaks was nice to watch by people who love love story..i love!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

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