Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Valentine’s Day

I would like to date with Patrick Dempsey..the sexiest man..

Why i choose him..
The eyes..By just daring at me i will melt..*cair babe*
The smiles..He doesn't need to create a smile..He got smiling face..*cute*
charming person..He's also prince charming in shows that he was..*OMG*
I'm done, cause now I'm in love with him at the moment..*sorry yang..kejap je k*

How do I want to spend time with him..
Totally I would like to have the moment together only two of us the whole day..*lovey dowey*
Before begin I should 'petik jari' & sounds 'kring' like fairygodmother change me..

Morning Glory
Patrick pick me up with classic car..
That gentleman person will open the car door for me..*big grin*
Inside the car got a bouquet of flowers and chocolates love shape..*berbunga-bunga hati adinda*
Then I give him homemade 'cekodok'..*main suap suap la kan*
We had breakfast at coffee house..

Evening rocks!
We had cool road trip wherever places we like..
Go to Mall..Chill out with him..
Chit chat..Funny2 talkin..Eat ice cream..*baskin robbins i like*
Watch movies..*romantic one*
Then rest at place that can see sunset..*beautiful scenery*

Romantic Nite..
Dinner @ romantic restaurants or hotel..
Candle lite dinner..with music performance..
After that, we just have the moment of stare each other..*this is it*
He presents me a ring and necklace..
I give him something special..*things that makes he can remember me all the time*

Happily ever after in Valentine's day..

I'm so excited of this film..
let me scream 1st...aaarrhhhhhhhh!!!!
Okay much better..
I love 'love story' sweet..
The actors was superb...
Pretty woman is my all time favourite movie..
So this movie priority chance to be my favourite movie..i Like!!

Hoping can get these tickets instead of valentine's day.
5th february is My Other half birthday..
Can celebrate all together..*hope..Wish Come true*


DaMALscA said...

i love this ~

mahira oya said...

thanks so much..


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