Monday, March 23, 2009

1year perkenalan

Tanggal 17 March 2008 we met..
Now dah cecah 17 March 2009..

Alhamdulilah selama 1 tahun perkenalan kitorang yang pelbagai challenging ni..
Bila pikir2 psl dulu malu gaks..
We almost tak jumpa..However we destine for jumpe gaks..
Tak sangka plak..Meet and like..
What I like bout him??Banyak but the important is he serious bout future..
He likes me??erm..I think for the 1st time met I dah ckp byk mcm dh lame je kenal..
Well..kind of DESTINY..Maybe..

For all, doakan kitorang ye..

Planning fly to Jakarta 26 June 2009..
Thanks Oppa..
You're the best for me..

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