Friday, February 29, 2008 for your life..

My title do not really relate to my post actually.
Basically, I just put the title that I want too..
Work but No work..Now I'm doing that work..Haha!!


I need to apply leave for 1 week before I start the new job..
Hopefully approved..I need to be free n relax my mind..
Before I enter n start my new job that I know it kind of stressed and crazy..
Hope I can do it..All the best to me..


Sometimes I feel lonely..Sometimes Not..
Sometimes I feel that he likes me..Sometimes Not..
Sometimes I feel that he just give hope but no love..Sometimes Not..
Sometimes I feel that he angry with me..Sometime he cool..
Why I feel that kind of word 'sometimes'..
Because he still did not approach me..And I do not know he loves me or Not..


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