Thursday, August 23, 2007


Well..Yesterday i'm break..Not going anywhere just took exam spa..gosh!!so lazy to study..i juz go without prepare anything in my mind..but unfortunately it was easy..luckily..before that day,my friends,every single friend that get the exam too,asking where is my place to attend the exam..We all not in the same places..Sad..No member lor..The day has become..I reached that place 30 minutes early..Firstly,i have to search the class according to the places code..Went to 1st level(No),2nd level(No)..Ok it was 3rd level..Then,time to search the class..After i step my foot in 3rd level..I saw someone i thought i recognize him..He looked at me..I was still not sure..So i just called his name.True it was him..Then we find the class..Jumpa Pun..Our class closed..Got Geng(Yeay!!Yeay!!)..Ada Gap Time je we chit chat la..Then lunch together..Thanks friend..Heheh..Long time didn't meet him..Since his konvo..tup at the place that unexpected..
Good Luck K..

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