Thursday, November 30, 2006

moment that i surprised..

smlm interview...kt company cmewww..www tu whole world wide..cek gak la website die..byk buat software for medical..medical software la..combine system ngn medical equipment..intersting pg la..then boss situ interview..cina tp fasih BM mmg x pelat la..die cmpur2 kan la mcm biase kite akn ckp BI la kan..tibe2..die kate my english very good..pdhal rase biase2 je..appreciate it..then die offer keje cm marketing la..if i accept this work..i will expert in marketing(skill PR ,wat presentation new product),customer service(jumpe ngn client),software developer(company system) n biology(byk product mcm pharmacy,medical source)...4 skill in 1 job..fuyoo..hope bleh buat la..ok la..gudluck for me..

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