Thursday, May 31, 2007

Make things happen

Hard to believe

that who i like will like me..
that who i admire will like me..
that who i love will like me..
that who i care will like me...
that who i want to marry will like me..
i used the word like for not feel high expectation to him..
how to make things happen..
be confident..start the move..
if i have a chance i will..
for my dream guy please love me as i do..
last but not least for u i will..

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I'm working,testing,debugging error..juz same as what i'm now i'm in the real world software engineering..

Well,instead of working sometimes i chat too..time i buat2 bz..
hehe..suka hati jer..but that's for release my stress n hilangkan mengantoks..

Today my cousins come to my house..
Huda,Jihan n Hanis..
Meriah sakan la ni..
Because of school holiday, they come holiday at KL..
Nak shopping la tuh..Richie Rich...

Ok..the end of story...
Will update soon..

Saturday, May 26, 2007

oya returns

erm..quit long i didn't update this blog..but nobody read that's fine..
so tension,by the time i write this blog,actually i'm working..on saturday..supposedly this time it's time for me to full testing of the system.. but now i've already settle the system errors...fuhh!!lega..waiting for 2p.m..balik time..then i wanna go n see my fren n tonite we're gonna have some fun at alexis..shayna i'm coming dear..hopefully we can meet ya..miss her a lot..ok..that's all..chow..


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